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Swapnaja Sharma

An Active Trader & Trainer, Passive Investor,
Day & SwingTrading Specialist

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The intraday trading strategy is useful for every kind of trader. This webinar will help you learn about the exact trading setup & with a great Risk to reward Setup.


  • Learn the Importance of the formation of the candle.
  • The easy & Simple way to use EMA with the Logic.
  • When & How to do pyramiding.
  • How to execute the trade with proper money management
  • The login of using various derivative Instrument.
  • Tip & tricks to ddeploy strategy with minimum margin.


Subscription plans

Bank Nifty 3-Minutes Breakout Intraday Trading Strategy

Future & Options (Long)

Option Writing Webinar (Batch 2)

A Webinar on making "Passive Income"

Intra/Positional Trading Strategy Batch-2

Using Fibonacci & Intraday Stock Option Buying Strategy

Recording of webinar on BankNifty option buying


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